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Shenzhe XinRuiMing Technology Co.,Ltd which brand is Huarigor was founded in 2007 with $0.8M registration capital. Our $3Million state-of-the art production facility comprises 6 automatic assembly lines to produce replacement battery for iPhone that are the most advanced facilities in the mobile phone battery industry.We have highly professional R & D and Design teams, our engineering and management talents are drawn from the industry‘s senior talents.Our cell phone batteries have CE & RoHS, UN3 8.3 and MSDS Certification, even more, we also  passed ISO 9001:2015. the identification for Marine and Air Transport. We launched our international business on Alibaba in 2015 as a manufacturer with significant technical and production advantages and quickly developed our foreign trade division. Our global customers have come to rely on our superior quality and competitive price.At SZ XinRuiMing Technology Co., Ltd(Huarigor),  our hard work and dedication is ensuring that our world-wide reputation is growing at a steady pace. Our annual sales in 2016 exceeded $15 million. Our valued clients are spread across the globe including Taiwan, Hong Kong , Southeast Asia, United States and Germany. A significant part of our business is OEM and ODM.