YaShang Tent
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Well then, when you get down to the real nitty-gritty, you‘ll come to realize that to say is one thing and to do is another. There are really too many trivial but important things to consider. For instance, what tent size shall I buy? How many people can it seat? Which functional space (dining area, dance floor, mini-bar, DJ stage, passageway, etc.) shall I plan inside the tent? What kind of tables and chairs to configure?
And you‘ll also get concerned with questions such as, How to make sure the suppliers are reliable? How to coordinate and make sure the goods are delivered at the same time in the same container? how long would it take to get the goods? How can I get the tent erected up smoothly? What if I need instant support throughout the running of the tent project?
And among all the considerations and concerns, the most important is, you are quite uncertain and entangled whether the suppliers of tents, tables, chairs and other accessories are credible or not, and whether they can provide qualified products on time, and so on. Of course, you can choose to visit these factories one by one, and come arrange the loading and shipping of all goods, but the cost is not small. So far as I know, for a new business start-up, you‘ll need to make good control of the use of funds at the very beginning to make sure a good continuous running of the business.