FOG Lighting
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Was established in 2003 with a registered capital of one thousand yuan a whole, from the date of the birth of Buddha just "Buddha" and forged a margin, and is determined to "light" the cause of passing happiness, bright! Early Buddha lighting is mainly engaged in LED lamp beads package and R & D, with the continuous development of LED application market, relying on years of packaging technology and R & D team, and gradually transition to the advertising logo LED light source applications in recent years, through the joint efforts of Buddha and innovation, and industry resources to optimize the integration, the introduction of [font source + waterproof shell waterproof plastic injection word] stop solution! Logo for the lighting industry to achieve transformation and breakthrough laid a new milestone!
  "Standard, uniform and stable" This is one interpretation of the Buddha and the tireless pursuit of product! Precision quality, attention to detail, Buddha lighting has always insisted: "market demand-oriented and customer satisfaction as the goal" and quickly won the industry peers and customers a high degree of recognition, but also strengthened the Buddha determined to become a high-end chain brand identity source leadership ‘s determination and confidence.
  Looking ahead, the Buddha is willing to "off, for, members of" multi-party hand in hand, will believe Buddha: "integrity win the world"!