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Shenzhen Ximiemie Electronics Co.,Ltd. of Shenzhen City was founded in 2009 , is a production , research and development , sales and after sales of high-tech enterprises, the company owns self-developed brand " laugh Mimi " , while the company also made ​​a European best-selling brand "Oricom" the Chinese exclusive rights . The company also introduced some foreign advanced production and testing equipment , technology and talent , set up their own perfect quality management system of science and technology for product development and quality has laid a solid foundation. Its products are certified through the 3G , in line with the highest European standards CE / Rosh certification, to achieve industry-leading level .
Hee bleating technology to 2009 R & D Car driving recorder began to witness the great automotive electronics development process , from start to finish adhering to their own unique style of products, unique business philosophy , adhere to the interests of consumers first , and constantly improve product service system. The first to introduce a "safety , quality assurance, price protection , after-sale protection ," the "four service support system " for the consumer sale, sale , sale provide comprehensive services.
We always insist on doing the best car consumer electronics, to build China‘s first brand of automotive electronics .
Corporate Culture:
Always adhere to the bleating laugh four concepts: responsible , integrity, innovation , passion. In terms of product development, production and operating activities , all decisions are based upon the company‘s philosophy , and as a bleating laugh establish a unified image , its "Oricom" brand and thus also knocking on doors . Bleating laugh is a new attitude , stepping world , giving customers around the world with confidence . Our vision : to become China‘s auto electronics industry brand.
Company mission: Company personnel , research and development , production-based, to the best ideas, creating more demand for products for the public service to the community .
Core values: excellent quality, cutting-edge science and technology , for the majority of users to create a safer, more comfortable living conditions .
Entrepreneurship: responsible , integrity, innovation and passion.
Management concept: communication, collaboration , responsibility and dedication.
Business philosophy: the pursuit of all customer satisfaction .
Code of Conduct : honesty , gratitude , responsibility, collaboration.
Talents : Talent is the company‘s unlimited power , and strive to achieve every one of the staff the value of life .